Is Boorish Johnson Just A Political Opportunist Who Will Say Whatever He Thinks Sounds Good?

Many believe that Alexander Boorish de Pfeffel Johnson just sails with the wind of the day and has no destination in view other than the satisfaction of his own ego. Can this be true?

Surely to be elected as an MP means he must possess some highly desirable qualities and, to then have a seat at Cabinet, these must then be also exceptional! This is what Boorish had to say about Donny Dump when asked about his “No Go” areas comment.

The problem for Boorish is that Donny got elected as President in waiting by a poorly educated American electorate. Boorish was bizarrely given the job of Foreign Secretary, hard to believe, which means he now has to liaise with the American administration. Ooops. So what does Boorish do now? Yep, volte-face! He doesn’t care. It’s a new day for Boorish – so it’s a whole new set of values!

We are starting to see why some people think he is a right old two-faced git. Others will just think he is simply full of crap.

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