Sheffield City Council Launch A Clandestine Pre-Dawn Raid On Rustlings Road

A squad of Council Workers, Contractors and Police in riot gear {maybe} swooped on the residents of Rustlings Road to bang on their doors at 05:00 GMT demanding that they move their cars. Those unable to respond to this assault on their homes had their cars towed away.

One petrified resident told a reporter from TheField, “It was like a scene from a 1930’s news reel!”

The purpose of this raid was so that the Contractors could chop down healthy trees that have been in the road for as long as anybody can remember. A dawn raid to chop down trees – it’s like something from a dystopian state but this is Sheffield!

There were angry scenes in the road as the workers moved in on the trees and the police moved in to arrest three members of the public who had ‘dared’ to stand in the way of the tree fellers. One of those arrested was 70-year-old Jenny Hockey. Yes, the police moved in to arrest a 70-year-old woman – they must be so proud of their actions.

They must also be pleased that they then followed this up by arresting 71-year-old Freda Brayshaw. Obviously a crack squad was being used for this operation.

Freda, 71, said: “It was just like an assault with arc lights, lots of policemen and chainsaws going up and down the road and we had no chance to do anything.

“They had a kind of barrier, a tape around trees they intended to fell and I stepped inside and stood under a tree.”

Unfortunately the local MP is Nick Clegg, remember him, but, true to form, clearly his word carries no weight whatsoever. He did note though, “Arresting elderly residents? Arresting them when they are just trying to say ‘don’t chop this tree down’?”

Those facing the destruction as a result of the Tory Folly referred to as HS2 should note the bullyboy tactics that the state is prepared to use to chop down trees. Just imagine what they will be prepared to unleash when it comes to tearing down people’s homes.

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