Fear Not Citizen! Our MPs Have Made Sure There Will STILL Be 650 Of Them

While they demand reforms and streamlining for every element of society they are adamant that none of this nonsense will hit them – all their jobs are safe.

Someone had finally noticed that 650 MPs really does lead to a lot of wasters doing nothing, day in and day out. The proposal was to cull 50 of them on the way to getting them down to a sensible and affordable number – about 400 would be plenty as far as we are concerned.

Seems the bid to stop the plan has cleared its first Commons vote. There were 253 who voted to keep the 650 and just 37 who voted for 600. Hang on a minute! That’s only 290 votes – where the hell are the other 360? So 360 idle gits didn’t’ bother to vote? So not even 45% of our MPs could be arsed to vote on the make-up of the House of Commons. That’s a good enough reason to cut them to 400 right there.

What happens is that MPs do their usual trick of conflating two separate issues to provide the smoke and mirrors that they all live by. Step 1: reduce the number of MPs {we say 400} Step 2: Now decide where the boundary lines are to be drawn.

Step 2 is vital, as our graphic explains, but you only muddy the water by including it from the start. So generations of MPs, and the nepotism of their children standing for the same seat, have nothing to fear. Nothing will change at the House of Commons and, while we are at it, the House of Lords will continue to grow in number. Ching-ching for the £300-a-day club! LINK


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