UK Economy Will Be £122bn Worse Off But Don’t Worry, It’s “Resilient”

Flaccid-Phil Hammond has, yet again, had to cut his predictions for growth. They’ve moved on from blaming Labour and now claim it’s all down to Brexitwhich hasn’t actually happened yet. No problem as long as they can find SOMETHING to blame other than their own incompetence.

Flaccid has also decided that it’s time to change the rules. Rather than make a promise/pledge/aspiration/dream/lie that they then bolloxs up he’s going for the utterly meaningless phrase “as early as possible”. I can see a lot of people using that one alongside their New Year resolutions!

What was then in complete contrast to this “early as” cobblers he said that the EU vote “will change the course of Britain’s history”, making it “more urgent than ever” to tackle long-term economic weaknesses. Some doublespeak going on here we think.

So there are no surprises here and just the usual Smoke and Mirrors. Just to cap it all off he’s decided he doesn’t like the idea of an Autumn Statement and a Spring Budget so he’s going to change it. He’s scrapping the Budget! So the only time the finances of the country need to be adjusted is just the once a year. Even WE couldn’t make that up!


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