Giddy Goes Even Giddier Picking Up £320K In Just 31 Days!

Apparently this time it wasn’t due to some efficient tax-scheme but because people paid to hear him talk utter bolloxs! Well he’s talked it for the last six years so it seems very unlikely he’ll be able to change now.

Seems Giddy declared for six sessions between 27 September and 27 October which included a room full of US bankers and a university. Very nice at £53,334 a pop! Not bad for a bloke who was sacked by Tess when she took over at Number 10 and Giddy was forced to return to the backbenches.

One can only begin to imagine how many more he’s got lined up while he is carrying on with his role as a Full Time Member of Parliament for Tatton – his constituents must be so pleased!

He’s not the only making use of his new find time though. Gollum Gove seems to have found time to return to scribbling for the Murdoch press where he seems to be able to squeeze in eight hours a week. Let’s hope there are no problems in his constituency!

Rumour has it he is also writing a book, heaven only knows who would want to read it, and it seems he has already had an advance of £17,500! Nice work for those who can get it.


What On Earth Did He Do To Be Awarded That????

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