Sam-Cam Leaves Us A Little Confused Here At TheField

Not so long ago Sam-Cam needed the help of a ‘special adviser’ in order to put her knickers on of a morning. The one and only Isabel Spearman, no, we’ve no idea who she is either, was being paid a reported salary of £60,000 to help Sam work out which leg to put through first and to help prevent her falling over while she did it. Remember this £60,000, over twice that of the national average wage, was covered largely by taxpayers’ money.

Seems that as well as sorting out her undies Issy Spearman was also ‘responsible’ for the rest of her wardrobe and her ‘image’. So just five years ago Sam-Cam couldn’t dress herself and didn’t seem to have an image!

How times change. All of a sudden Sam-Cam is launching a new fashion label including a 40-piece collection she has, so we are told, designed herself! All on her own without any assistance. That’s some transformation in 5 years.

Luckily for Sam-Cam the British edition of ‘Vogue’ are to feature the collection in their January issue. That must be solely down to the quality of the designs and the garments themselves. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that her sister is the deputy editor of ‘Vogue’, obviously.

To suggest this looks like a last desperate attempt to cash-in on her husbands failed premiership would clearly be very unfair – but honest. Still, if you’ve got £300 for a dress it might just be what you are looking for. We wonder where it is all to be made and who by? Wonder what they will get paid? It’s bound to be a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation and we can’t wait to hear who will benefit from the Sam-Cam promotion.

hi viz jacket

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