Clueless Government Forced To Back Down On Yet Another One Of Their Ridiculous Claims

It happens at least every week and, these days, several times a week. The one that might have escaped your notice, along with some of the media, is the idea of The National Teaching Service.

We have no doubt you are asking yourselves, “What the hell is The National Teaching Service?”

This was an absurd idea put forward by Nicky Morgan, she’s the one Tess sacked on day one, when she was allowed to be the Education Secretary for some reason that escapes us. Well we know why she was there. She was the dumbo who was to be the presentational face to hide the fact that Gollum Gove was still pulling the strings. You may remember that Tess sacked him as well!

The Morgan plan was for 1,500 outstanding teachers and leaders to be deployed by 2020 “to the schools that need them most”, with a pilot in the North West. What we were never told is where these 1,500 were coming from. Nor what their schools would be doing while they were out doing their missionary work. It was total ‘back of a fag-packet’ planning – as usual.

Naturally, no mention was made with regards to any payment that these 1,500 teachers would receive. Well Nicky Morgan did such a great job of selling this scheme that she managed to attract . .. … …. 54 teachers after only 116 applied. What a farce!

With their tail firmly between their legs the Department for Education was forced to concede that “we can confirm that we will not be progressing”.

Heaven only knows what this utter farce has all cost us but perhaps the likes of Nick Gibb and the other chinless wonders in the department can now give some thought to the recruitment and retention of staff in the schools we have at the moment rather than inventing new jobs for teachers to do.


Clueless – Utterly Clueless

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