Don’t You Just Love The Way Politicians KNOW Why You Voted?

How many of you have noticed how politicians actually allow us to vote on something and then afterwards tell us what it was we were really voting for? They talk to a few voters and, somehow, this tells them everything! It’s staggering that people with such an incredible insight seem to end up knowing bugger all.

The latest one to follow this route is Tim Farron. Who? He is the character who now leads the Lib Dems after the rest of them realised that Cleggy had become nothing more than a sad joke.

Farron chirped up after Sarah Olney beat the Tory ego maniac Zac Goldsmith to the Richmond Park seat in the latest by-election. She overturned a 23,015 majority to win by a clear 1,872 votes. Of course the Tory press will insist that this was a ‘narrow’ margin and probably demand a recount.

Goldsmith had prompted the by-election by going to ‘the people’ when Tess didn’t do what he wanted over the 3rd runway at Heathrow. At a guess he thought that over 23,000 would provide him with a nice, safe buffer. Oooppppsss! Got that wrong.

Seems the Olney strategy was to concentrate on Brexit and it seems to have worked. Sadly Farron seems to think this is now a David Steel moment; “Go back to your constituencies, and prepare for government!” Poor lad.

He said: “Sarah {Olney} is a reminder that populism does not automatically have to win. Those results: Brexit, Trump, the last general election, there was nothing inevitable about them.

“It is entirely possible for moderate progressive people to win.”

The best bit for us at TheField was the sight of that utter dipstick Jacob Ree-Smugg heading out to knock on doors for his millionaire friend Zac. Whatever it was that the people of Richmond Park voted for it seems it was certainly NOT for Zac and his Tory cronies.


The So-Called ‘Independent’ Goldsmith With Two Tory Politicians

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