Tess Calls For A Return To Mole Hunting

It’s just wonderful “Yes, Prime Minister” stuff. Tess ordered an investigation into where all the leaks from her government are coming from only for the memo on the leaks to be leaked to the press. The hunt is now on for the mole at the heart of Number 10 after Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood complained about the sudden “spate” of top level leaks.

Heywood has warned the mole that, if caught, they face serious and “appropriate action” which could even result in the sack.

A massive Lock-Down is planned with all phones and email accounts handed over for scrutiny. Tess told her staff to issue a memo marked “sensitive”“The Prime Minister has directed that we urgently tighten security processes and improve our response to leaks. She has instructed that we begin this work immediately and expects to see rapid and visible improvement.”

Couldn’t possibly be an ex-cabinet minister, sacked by Tess, who has now returned to journalism, could it? We can but hope!


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