Red, White And Blue May Starts To Grasp What The Job Involves

Tess has finally realised that she needed to back-down and that she must set out “the Government’s plan for leaving the EU before Article 50 is invoked”. Note it is only a “plan” and we have all seen just how utter cak the tory “plans” can be! It could all be totally meaningless.

Although this was prompted by the Labour party it goes without saying that a No 10 source dismissed the idea of a Labour victory, insisting the motion would not force the prime minister to change her approach.

Well there’s a surprise! Both parties claim a victory! We’ve never heard that old tosh before, now have we? They really do all talk some utter cak. What is a hoot is that up to 40 tory backbenchers were thought to be ready to vote with Labour, amid growing frustration that the Government is keeping MPs in the dark – while leaks to the media about the strategy pile up. LINK

Of course Tess still falls back on the tired old line that she is concerned that she will end up “showing the Government’s hand” and that will weaken its position in the negotiations to follow. Probably nearer the truth is she doesn’t HAVE a hand and even if she did she wouldn’t know how to play it.


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