Is The Offer Of ‘Free Places’ At A Private School All It Seems?

Private schools are offering up to 10,000 ‘free places’ at their schools. They will do that if they are able to suck the £5,550 per place out of the tax funded educational system to the total of £55.5 million.

The pupils will be tested for academic ability but they claim that the scheme would not ‘just’ target the brightest children. Believe that and you probably believe in Santa.

So what are the Private Schools, through the Independent Schools Council, actually up to here? Well it is always possible they are keen to ‘spread the word’ – it’s possible. What is rather more interesting is the requirement from the government for them to fulfil their Charitable Status. This status saves the independent schools, at the very least, £150 million a year! They are only offering 10,000 places? They are taking the piss!

Of course these are NOT ‘free places’ because we will pay for them; the money will drain away from state schools as will the pupils with talent. This is a gross plan that will reduce our state schools, the ones we used to own, to sink-schools with just the poor and the increasingly disruptive pupils in them. All this so that they can continue with their charitable status? Remove their charitable status is what we say – why were they granted it in the first place? Oh, of course, granted by the MPs who went to Private School! They looks after their own.

Interesting Footnote: Worth noting that the state pays out £5,500 per year per pupil while the average cost to send a pupil to a day school is £15,550. That’s right – a full £10,000 more per year per pupil! It’s a typical ‘1%’ idea – yes, 10,000 will benefit from it but everybody left behind will then suffer.


You didn’t think Eton was open the doors to everyone, did you?

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