Classic Misdirection By Tess Over Social Care Funding

For the last six years the coalition driven by the tories and, lately, the tories on their own have starved funds for social care. They have done this year after year but cannot bring themselves to admit it. It’s the basic tory principle – just blame somebody else for our failings.

The latest wizard wheeze to fund the crippling underfunding is to allow local authorities to increase the council tax to pay for it. It’s pure Doublespeak. No thought of increasing central funding, oh no, do it locally. Great idea – Mayfair will probably do all right! What a joke.

Notice there is absolutely no thought given to redistributing the money they already ‘steal’ from us in taxes that we then have no control over. Oh no, just put the burden on someone else to raise even more money. Remind us – just how much did top earners pocket following that tax reduction? £150, 000 a year as we recall!

Let’s not kid ourselves. The tories will not need the social care that the likes of us will need so why would they fund it? It’s the 1% again – self, self, self and nobody else. What a truly Nasty Party.


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