Just How Utterly Useless Does A Minister Have To Be Before He Is Sacked?

Chris Grayling must be right on the edge. The last eleven years have demonstrated time after time just how totally inept he is. While Boorish grabs the headlines for his incompetence and lack of diplomacy the likes of The Hunt and Grayling meddle around in the background and achieve absolutely bugger all. Let’s break down the six posts, yes SIX, that this dipstick Grayling has had.

2005 Shadow Secretary of State for Transport – So have we noticed any improvement in our transport system. Have trains started running better? Are our roads significantly improved? Have we filled-in every pothole? No, to all of them. He was an utter failure.

2007 Shadow Secretary of State for Work & Pensions – What can we possibly say about this that hasn’t already been said? Fine, the real hurt and pain was implemented by the vile IDS and McVile but Grayling set it all up for them. Again, he was an utter failure.

2009 Shadow Home Secretary – Well apart from comparing Moss Side to The Wire and then playing free and easy with some crime statistics this period was only notable for his dodgy expenses claims for some £5,000 so as he could decorate his flat! Again, he was an utter failure.

2010 Minister of State for Employment – He did such a great job here that 100,000 staff were made redundant in the department offices around the country. You couldn’t make it up! Again, an utter failure.

2012 Secretary of State for Justice – This is where the tub of lard thought he’d adopt a ‘tough justice’ approach. What a farce. He was condemned over his approach to Human Rights by Lord Pannick and he is also remembered for introducing a ban on books being sent to prisons. Just a catalogue of failure.

2016 Transport Secretary – Which brings us to today. We have a total shambles on the Southern Line that has been going on for over 6 months now. Roads with more potholes than we have ever seen before and the folly of HS2 still in the air. The man is utterly useless.

He should be sacked, but Tess is actually gutless, but if he was a man with an ounce of integrity he’d resign in the morning. No chance of that then.


Praying That He Keeps Job

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