Get Ready For Even MORE Fake News

Surprise, surprise. Sky and Fox have managed to reach an agreement on the terms for a takeover deal. Well, who would have thunk it?

Rupert Murdouchie will pay (himself?) £11.7bn for the 61% of Sky he currently doesn’t already own. For those who are shareholders, family members’ maybe, they will each get a nice £10.75 for each and every share they hold.

Given the Murky Murdouchie Media already own The Scum and The Tymes there are “concerns” that dear old Uncle Murdoch might have an excessive influence over the UK media. Gosh! It’s taken some people until now to get round to think that? Where have they been keeping their heads???

We are all safe though. The whole issue is being scrutinised by that incredibly trustworthy Karen Bradley. She has the power to ask Ofcom, the media watchdog, to examine the deal. No worries there then.


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