Jedi Is ‘Not A Religion’ Claims The Charity Commission

The Charity Commission, whoever they are, have ‘decided’ that Jedi is not a religion. Well who the hell are they to pass judgement?

They might not want to grant charitable status to The Temple of the Jedi Order but that doesn’t mean it is not a religion with a set of beliefs that people choose to follow.

In the census of 2011 over 177,000 people declared themselves Jedi under the religion section – this put it 7th in the list!

So what is it to be a Jedi follower?

According to The Temple of the Jedi Order, Jediism is based on the observance of the Force, described as “the ubiquitous and metaphysical power” that a Jedi believes to be the underlying, fundamental nature of the universe

Jedi do not believe in a god, having faith instead “in the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it”

They believe in eternal life through the Force and do not become “obsessed in mourning those who pass”.

Jedi may grieve but are content, knowing they will “forever be a part of the Force”

The definition of Jediism states the religion is an “inspiration and a way of life” for people who take on “the mantle of Jedi”

The Jedi Doctrine acknowledges there is some “scope for followers to simply view Jediism as a philosophy or way of life” and some Jedi prefer to avoid the word religion


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