Carlsberg Spend £15m On ‘Rebranding’ But Don’t Think To Improve The Flavour

As Real Ales gain more and more ground the slice of the pie for lager gets thinner. To address this problem Carlsberg seem to think that by changing the label on their tins and bottles this trend is going to be reversed. We think that taste might just be the major concern.

We can’t help thinking that while they might think their Danish roots are their USP they have seriously missed the point!

They have also decided to introduce two new beer sizes by way of a 330ml bottle and 660ml bottle. Now these might go down well in Europe but they don’t ‘go down well’ in the UK. Most here see the 330ml has a rip-off. If it’s not 440, at least, it’s a Coke can and most are looking for a 500ml and increasingly, those who recognise the market, have a 568ml can here – a full pint. The 660ml is too big for the glass.

All this is flim-flam though. Their problem is that up against Stella and Kronenbourg poor old Carlsberg tastes thin and watery. They will not like that but that is the opinion of the office at TheField.

Of course a couple of complementary cases of Carlsberg Export might just persuade the office that we have got it wrong!!


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