Tess Adopts The Same Approach As Dodgy-Dave As She Slips Out Bad News

Hoping nobody would notice, as it is Christmas, university tuition fees were increased with barely a word. They have increased in England to £9,250 but the Department for Education and Tess would rather you didn’t know about it.

Some 500,000 students at the beginning of autumn will be affected by this change but Dodgy-May thought it best to slip it out by only mentioning on their extremely popular website! A pretty shabby way to treat the future of our country and a clear case of hiding it away in an effort to avoid scrutiny.

A change that affects half a million individuals yet May decided it wasn’t worthy of an official announcement or an appearance at the House.

Tuition fees have been frozen at £9,000 since 2012 but this sly move has two horns to it. Not only are they increasing the fee to £9,250 THIS autumn but they are then looking to increase the fees EVERY year from then on. Don’t remember that being in the manifesto.

No wonder the devious little gits wanted to hush that one up. Not only did they try to hide the fact away they even chose a day when most involved in education would be looking at the school league tables that were published on the same day. Dodgier and dodgier.

A clear case of what was predicted for a post-Brexit Britain as: “This shows the government at their worst, avoiding scrutiny and debate.”

Remember that when it comes to your business then May is still going ahead with her Snooper’s Charter. Total hypocrisy.


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