Why Can’t Tess And The Hunt Accept The Truth About The NHS?

We all know they want to privatise our NHS but why are they prepared to make themselves look so stupid by lying about it?

They both know that the NHS has been underfunded for at least 7 years now and probably longer. They still play the game of getting their media bosses to tell the plebs time and time again how much they are handing to our NHS. As usual, they never mention how much is needed to now to make up for the years of underfunding.

We had the sorry sight of Tess choosing which news outlet she will attend. How odd that she should choose her Uncle Rupert! What a pitiful cow-towing that was!

What was really pitiful though was the sight of The Hunt running away from Sky journalist Beth Rigsby as she asked him about ‘the four hours’ pledge. He ran like a rabbit caught in the headlights. What a spineless, gutless, useless piece of crap that idiot is.

He can only be keeping his job because, despite all the vacuous cak Tess comes out it, he is doing what she wants!

Who knows if any other party would make a better fist of it but you can be damn sure the only thing this bunch of money grabbing tory sharks are interested in is how much can they make out of it for themselves.

Trust them if you like but we’d put more faith in the Tooth-Fairy than this two-faced, unelected cabinet safeguarding our NHS.


Hands Up If You Want To Privatise Our NHS?

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