Fake Trump Lashes Out At Fake News

Havingwon’ an election on the strength of fake news Donny Dump is now concerned about fake news. The guy is priceless!

With the allegation of Russiafixing’ the election for Donny to win he’s now concerned that they might be working on a scandal that’ll mean they can control of him. Who’d have thought of a plan like that!

All Donny can do is throw out lines like “fake news”, “phoney stuff”, “that crap” and “sick people”. It’s pure playground stuff. Could he be worried about the claim that there are salacious videos of him in his private life?

All this makes the blatant nepotism of appointing his family and son-in-law to high office seem suddenly trivial!

Was ever an individual more unsuitable for high office in America? It’s hard to believe.


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