What A ‘Lucky Boy’ Phil Hammond Is Just As He Receives A 15% Stake!

It seems that while Flaccid-Phil was the Foreign Secretary he took a stake in a food technology company. According to documents at Companies House, Phil took a 15% stake in a food tech company called Hydramach. Nothing very interesting about that.

Here is where it gets interesting. This all happened in October 2015 but it is what happened in April 2016 is where it gets really interesting. It just happens that Hydramach received a grant from Innovate UK to the tune of £560,000. Gosh, wasn’t that lucky. In July Hammond was made The Chancer of the Exchequer, taking over from Giddy Osborne.

The curious thing is Hammond did not declare this in the register of members interests.

Since all of this unfolded Hydramach has withdrawn from the scheme which means they will not receive the grant now. We would imagine they are pretty disappointed by that – half a million pound can’t be easy to come by.

Flaccid-Phil seems to have been doing a quick bit of shoring up the defences since this happened. It would seem he has not benefited in any way but the question of ‘insider information’ does float there in the air. Remember when the claim was MPs would not only be ‘as white as white’ but would always appear to be whiter than white’? Sue Gray and Alex Allan have now been informed. Better late than never.


“That Was Lucky!”

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