The Hunt Assumes The Role Of Emperor Nero As He Ignores The Chaos All Around Him

Jeremy Hunt is, as poll after poll results show us, the most useless Cabinet Minister currently in a post. He was a pointless waste of space when Dodgy-Dave gave him a job and has been even worse since May decided to retain him. Just WHY he has been so useless has now come to light.

The reason he has not exactly had his eye on the ball is that he has been looking forward to tucking in his back pocket the tidy little sum of £15 million! Yes, that’s £15,000,0000 from the sale of one of his businesses. Be honest, if you were waiting for that sort of mega-lottery win would you give a toss about work?

What does he care about longer waiting lists? Who cares about longer waiting times? Why worry about a shortage of nurses? So what if there are not enough Doctors? Why bother to make an effort to overcome over 7 years of underfunding when you’ve just slipped in £15 million to your bank account? {Tax Jeremy?} Who cares if Tess blames everybody except herself and her government?

So what did The Hunt have to say when asked about the current situation – “I am incredibly proud to have set up a successful business…” No Hunt, about the NHS you dipstick!

So much for Tess May and all her “crack down on excessive corporate pay” bollox. Who voted for these selfish bastards anyway?


One Smug, Useless Tory Twat – Who’s Just Trouser-ed £15 Million!

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