Bungling, Blustering, Blundering, Bewildered, Buffoon Boorish Backs Bombing Brussels By Bowling Bouncer Balls But Brings Back Breaking Brexit Bollox

You are right, this makes as about much sense as 99.9% of the guff and twaddle that emanates from the mouth of Boorish Johnson.

Now when he was turning up on HIGNFY as The Idiot some people found him amusing. Nobody here in the office did given that we get very, very tired of people who have had a very expensive education pretending they know nothing. All very tedious.

The difficulty for Boorish now is he happens to represent us on the international stage. Still hard to believe it but Tess made him Foreign Secretary – heaven only knows why!?!? He is a buffoon whose sole interest is Boorish. After keeping on The Hunt this appointment has to be the worst choice any PM has ever made.

This clown is supposed to be helping with the ‘negotiations’ over Brexit. One would imagine that might involve not looking to antagonise those you are looking to deal with. You don’t want to be seen to lick their bums but you don’t insult them either.

So guess what Boorish said to other EU Leaders today – not to give the UK “punishment beatings” for Brexit “in the manner of some World War Two movie”.

The man is an idiot. He is still referring to something that happened nearly 70 years ago and he thinks he’s being funny. This happens too often. We are long past just laughing it as “it’s just Boorish”. He needs sacking – tonight.


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