Essential Tips To Make It As A TV Chef

There is a lot of competition out there but there are some solid rules to presenting that just must not be broken.

Rule 1: You must eat standing up. Whatever you do simply do not allow yourself to sit down and eat at a dining table. If you can hold the plate in one hand and just eat with a fork that would be even better.

Rule 2: Always put as much as you possibly can in your mouth on that first bite. Really load the fork or spoon up and go for the all-out shovel in the ‘gob’.

Rule 3: Start talking immediately with this mouthful of food. This is really essential. Once you are established you will also need to talk with the food in your mouth visible to the audience. You will need to work at this but it will pay dividends.

Rule 4: The things to say are that the food is ‘delicious’ or even go for the ‘best I have ever eaten’. There is one exception to this rule – see rule 5.

Rule 5: The exception is if the food is part of a cookery contest. Then, apart from the person the director has told you will win the contest, you must find something wrong. If you can’t identify something you don’t like go back on the old ‘lack of seasoning/salt’ tried and tested line.

Rule 6: Other than in exceptional circumstances, only take the one mouthful and judge the whole dish on that and that alone.

Follow these simple rules and you should go far!


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