The Top Ten Lines That Let You Know A Politician Is Lying

We all know by now that 99% of them lie through their teeth and would sell their mothers for your vote. Here is the definitive list to enable you to spot one even easier than before. You can even use it for Bollox-Bingo whenever one of them is giving a speech or is in an interview. Count how many they can slip in!

Let me be clear – this guarantees that what follows will be the biggest load of waffle you’ve heard since the last politician spoke.

The real issue is – means they have no answer to what they have just been asked and want to talk about something else.

In all honesty – usually means they don’t have the slightest idea what is going on and have been trapped in the headlights.

The honest truth is – they are way, way, way out of their depth and should not be involved in something so important.

The fact is – they don’t really understand it but hope that they can fob you off with some misdirection by talking about something else.

If I’m honest – now wouldn’t THAT be a first!

Believe me – how they all wish this was true as there are many things they would like to get away with behind closed doors without telling us.

I simply do not accept – they know that it was all true but they really wish that none of it was.

The real question is – they can’t answer what they have been asked so they simply look to ignore it and talk about something else.

Friends – we’d sooner sit in a pit full of vipers!


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