Even Now There Are People Who Don’t Understand What The Supreme Court Ruled On Today

It was NOT about preventing us leaving the EU. It was NEVER about us leaving the EU. They did not have the authority to prevent us leaving the EU even if some of them wanted to. Leaving the EU was not part of their remit.

What it WAS about was whether the elected representatives of the people were involved in triggering what is known as Article 50 or could it be done by an unelected ‘stand-in’ Prime Minster on a whim. To put it crudely – it was about the manner of leaving being in the hands of the people or in the hands of a dictator.

Remember all that “Take Back Control” slogan during the referendum? Well that is exactly what the judges were deciding. Would control be with the people of the country or would it be with one un-elected leader.

Now if you are a ‘reader’ of the Scum or the Wail or the Ex-Press we doubt you have got this far, or ever will. For the rest of you then it’s clear that those three rags have gone out of their way to misinform the public for their own financial ends. The BBC have also been doing a pretty good job of this as well.

Expect even more avoidance of the truth come the rag-tops in the morning.


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