Brexit Means – DIVORCE

There is no going back. All communication has broken down and the pair of them simply can’t live together anymore. One would like the other to stay but the other is adamant that they are leaving. It’s over. All there is left to do is to work out what to do with the house.

Now the one who wants to ‘try again’ is adamant that they have done nothing wrong so why should they give up any part of the house.

The one who wants to leave is just as adamant that they are the one who should keep the house.

The only way this will be resolved is by seeking legal advice and then dividing the assets between the two of them.

That’s where we find ourselves following the verdict from the Supreme Court.

Now at some point both parties will have to draw up a list of what they want by way of contents of the house and how the sale of the property will proceed. They will both have the obvious starting position of wanting everything but sense will eventually prevail.

What the Supreme Court did for us was to make sure we are not left walking away from the marriage with absolutely bugger all. Who would really trust a politician not to sell us all down the river for their own personal gain? We are bloody sure none of us here would!


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