The Alan Turing Law At Long, Long Last

We first wrote about this back in June 2012. Link Then again in December 2013 Link. Now, after a further three years things have actually happened.

Thousands of men who were found guilty of decades-old sexual offences have been posthumously pardoned. Why so long?

It means that 49,000 who did nothing wrong by the laws of today will be cleared of their ‘crime’.

At last somebody has seen sense and has extended this to include people still living but they will have to ‘apply‘ to have their conviction removed.

Alan Turing was granted this in 2013 but remember that as a result of his conviction in 1952 he was chemically castrated. This almost certainly led to his possible suicide in 1954, if that’s what it was.

The team at TheField have not bothered asking Donny Dump what he thinks about this landmark decision.

Alan Turing computing

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