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Premier League Table

Claudio Ranieri and most other football observers must be wondering why it took so long for Leicester to turn in a performance like that! Have they just been bone-idle in the weeks leading up to this? All very, very strange.

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Useless Hunt Tried To Cover-Up Yet Another Cock-Up Under His Watch Due To Privatisation

Half a million pieces of NHS data had been lost resulting in 173 patients needing to be urgently examined to see if they have suffered harm as a result. The data was in the hands of a Private Company – … Continue reading

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England Still On Track For The Grand Slam

Some interesting results over the weekend and some interesting tactics employed as well. All perfectly legal and within the Laws but we don’t really want to see rugby reduced to a non-contact sport. “Standing Off” worked for 40 minutes but … Continue reading

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Bound To Happen – Donny Dump Only Allows The News He Finds Acceptable

Well it’s not as if we couldn’t see it coming and it was only a matter of time. Donny The Dump has banned media groups he doesn’t like from briefings at the White House. It seems pretty clear that ‘doesn’t … Continue reading

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Three days of games this weekend with a Cup Final thrown in for good measure. Leicester City have a couple of days to contemplate what they have done as they prepare for Liverpool on Monday. Claudio Ranieri is probably pleased to be out … Continue reading

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Men Have To Go To The Pub – Scientific Fact

We have known for years but now it is official – meeting for a pint is essential for men to sustain their friendships. This has been confirmed by Professor Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary biologist from none other than the University … Continue reading

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Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trailer. .. …” The Audience Leave Unhappy

When King Eric appeared at the Bournemouth International Centre some people left feeling like they had witnessed a Crystal Palace Kung-Foo kick to the stomach. It seems they had to sit through an unadvertised auction along with a warm-up act … Continue reading

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