The Myth Of The Savings You Will Make With Your New Smart Meter

Every time a pointless politician comes on to defend the introduction of a smart meter all we hear is the one line – “it will help the consumer save money”. The usual utter tosh we have all come to expect.

Smart meters certainly offer the potential for huge benefits for those in the energy industry. The projected benefits are thought to be in the region of £8 billion in savings but there is no requirement that any of this saving is passed on to the consumer. Nice one!!

The reason that this will not get passed on is because at least £11 billion will be spent by the industry on the meters and it seems at least a further £1 billion might need to be added to this figure.

It is also emerging that the suggested ‘simple installation’ in a day is nothing like that and many require a second day and some even more! It’s not clear where you go to get compensation for the time lost from work hanging around for the ‘meterman’ to turn up. Odd that.

The myth perpetuated by the both the industry and the government is that the meter is ‘free’ whereas this is simply not true. True, you will not be charged on the day they arrive but it WILL be added to your bill and you WILL end up paying for it.

The other myth is that you will be able to sit in the comfort of your own home and monitor your usage in real-time. Wow! What a great way to spend an evening. What are we supposed to do with this vast amount of data? All start an Excel spreadsheet and plot graphs of our usage? Give us strength!

So who is actually crying out for a smart meter? Buggered if any of us here know! If you want to save money then it’s very easy and it doesn’t need a smart meter to be able to do it. If you want to save money all you have to do is turn things off!!!


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