John Bercow Speaks For Millions When He Objects To Donny Dump Addressing Parliament

In just three minutes The Speaker sums up what many in the country feel about Tess Mayday offering her withered hand in friendship to such an unpleasant individual such as Donny Dump.

Fine if she wants to invite him round to her place for a spot of tea and toast. What she should not have done is involved Lizzy Windsor and The House of Commons in her pitiful arse-licking exercise.

It would be nice to see the invitation withdrawn but we know that will not happen. He can have a tour but it doesn’t need to be forced onto Lizzy but he wants the photos from that for his twitter feed. He certainly doesn’t need to go to The House but at the end of the day there is no reason, whatsoever, for ANY MP to attend.

We want the names of those that do.

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