Are You Noticing How Quickly Bad News For The Tories Is Obscured By Trivia?

Red Herrings And Dead Cats

Lynton Crosby was the master of this. Alistair Campbell did the job before that. The task is simple – if a slice of news gets reported that doesn’t make us look good then get something out to obscure and distract ASAP!

It’s happened before but under Tess Mayday-Mayday it has been needed much quicker and more often than ever before.

She has nothing to boost here unelected stay at No 10 so is frightened out of her wits that her stay will be the shortest on record. She is determined that the plebs do not have time to dwell on any of the utter hollowers her and her sub-standard team are committing.

Take this week alone. The news started by pointing out that Waiting Times were going way off the clock in the NHS due to underfunding. This should have been an all-out attack by our media asking Tess and that idiot Hunt what the hell they were doing?

What did the media try and feed us? Health tourists! We ask you, pitiful response.


Then we have the appalling suggestion that Donny Dump should come over and meet Lizzy and then address Parliament. Quite rightly, The Speaker stood up, as the only one with a backbone, and said this is just wrong.

Rather than focus of the dreadful invitation that Mayday had given on our behalf the media were led astray to question if The Speaker should ever show a pair of balls!

This is only going to get worse so you need to keep awake.


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