Fickle May Suddenly Has A new Sweetheart Over In Surrey

After holding hands, and heaven only knows what else, with Donny Dump for all the world to see Tess Mayday has found a new sweetheart. This time it’s Surrey County Council.

Surrey were going to hold a referendum to see if they would get the vote to raise Council Tax up by 15% – way above the tory limit and very embarrassing for Tess. Suddenly, apparently out of the blue, Surrey dropped the idea of a vote and reduced their increase to a mere 4.99%. Now how could that have possibly happened?

Now Downing Street has conceded that they had been talking to Surrey C.C. but, as you would expect, they said it had been “entirely appropriate”. Then after a full council meeting they decided to consider an alternative budget, well within government guidelines.

So what might have changed their minds? Well this takes some interesting reading – especially the last line.


Not unsurprisingly, Jeremy Corbyn asked, “So how much did the government offer Surrey to kill this off and is the same sweetheart deal on offer to every council facing the social care crisis created by this government?”

Caught, again, with her knickers around her ankles, Tess Mayday-Mayday adopted her usual response by ignoring the question and then just making personal accusations. It’s easy to see how Donny Dump and her feel they are soul-mates.

Still, if your party may have won the election because of a major financial fraud what’s a little local county council skulduggery?

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