Robots Could Replace 250,000 Public Sector Workers

Robots and computers could replace almost 250,000 public sector workers over the next 15 years, improving efficiency and saving billions of pounds, if they are allowed to according to Alexander Hitchcock.

It is also believed that a further 90,000 NHS administrative posts and 24,000 GP receptionists could be subjected to automation in a similar way, with savings of more than £1.7 billion!

It is also believed that there is scope for increased automation in policing through crowd-monitoring drones and facial recognition technology, although it recognises the concerns involved in holding people’s images.

Alexander Hitchcock, the deep thinker behind all of this, said: “Such a rapid advance in the use of technology may seem controversial, and any job losses must be handled sensitively.”

Sadly there is no mention of how many of our utterly useless politicians a simple robot could replace. Should be pretty easy though.


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