Sad Passing Of Steve Hewlett

For those of us who have followed his fight against cancer on Radio 4 we all knew today would come. It doesn’t prevent it coming as a shock.

His jovial, yet heart-breaking, interviews with Eddie Mair were both up-lifting and very sad. Steve died on Monday morning, today, and Eddie Mair announced it on PM on Radio 4. LINK 26:45

Steve was diagnosed last March with cancer of the oesophagus and he died on Monday morning while listening to Bob Dylan with his family at the Royal Marsden Hospital in west London.

His ex-partner and three sons were present as Steve and Rachel got married at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea.

Steve Hewlett began his television career as a researcher at the BBC, working on programmes such as Nationwide, Watchdog and Panorama.

He also spent time working at Channel 4 before returning to the BBC to work on programmes such as Inside Story in the early 90s.

As editor of Panorama, at the time of the Princess Diana interview with Martin Bashir in 1995, it was watched by more than 23 million viewers.

Eddie Mair said on Monday’s PM programme that they had decided there was “no voice they would rather hear than Steve himself” before playing several clips from his interviews over the last few months.


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