Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trailer. .. …” The Audience Leave Unhappy

When King Eric appeared at the Bournemouth International Centre some people left feeling like they had witnessed a Crystal Palace Kung-Foo kick to the stomach. It seems they had to sit through an unadvertised auction along with a warm-up act that many felt left a lot to be desired. He then appeared for just 45 minutes.

The tickets for “An Evening With Eric Cantona” ranged in price from £45 to £1,000. They were told that the star would be doing a signing after the show but on the night it was revealed that he would not be signing anything.

Eric did take part in the advertised Q&A but many felt that they had all been picked in advance and the replies had all been rehearsed. Probably depends how much you paid for your seat as to whether or not you thought it was value for money.


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