Nasty Party Agree To A Rise In The TV-Tax From April

As a big thank-you from Tess May-Day for doing as they are told the BBC have been told that they can increase the TV-Tax. Of course, as it is a Flat Tax, the increase means little to all of her 1% friends and donors.

The rise to £147 is from April 1st – how very appropriate!

The Government, led by the so-called Prime Minister May, is responsible for setting the level of the licence fee, which covers all BBC services and contributes to the costs of rolling out broadband to the UK population. So thanks to all of those who have no interest in broadband.

May is clearly very pleased with how the BBC are presenting her and her party as she has agreed to what is effectively an 11 year lease on the tax which will be linked to inflation. Quite what the ‘link’ is isn’t that clear. It could be one of those ‘Inflation Plus’ deals that some companies seem to be able to achieve!


An Artist’s Impression Of How May Reading The News Might Look.

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