Was ‘Countdown’ A Cover For A Bond-Style Spy?

Seems Ricky Tomlinson believes he has documents at home that suggest the very thing. They are labelled ‘confidential’, ‘strictly confidential’ and ‘not to be seen’.

He claims that bumbling Richard Whiteley of ‘Countdown’ fame was just a cover for a Master Spy working for MI5.

Tomlinson was sentenced to 2 years in prison back in 1973 after being found guilty of “conspiracy to intimidate”. He is convinced the jury’s decision to convict him may have been influenced by an ITV documentary which was broadcast on the day they retired to deliver their verdict. It was presented by Master Spy Richard Whiteley.

Tomlinson also claims that Ted Heath’s fingerprints were all over the case as well. While that sounds very likely the idea that Whiteley was some sort of a Bond figure is just ridiculous as far as we are concerned.


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