So Who At The Dept. Of Education Came Up With This Noddy Idea?

Here at TheField Towers we are lucky to know a number of retired teachers. Two of them have over 35 years of experience of teaching in the classroom. Not hiding away in an office somewhere only popping out to do the odd A Level class, no, real lesson after lesson teaching.

We had a word with these about this idea that ALL students must get C or above in English and Mathematics. It is interesting to hear their views as well as to see what that really meant back in mid-1980.

Of course, if you weren’t teaching back in 1985 you wouldn’t know much about it. If you weren’t teaching in a secondary school then it would have been yet another load of guff coming from Keith Joseph that was added to the pile. If you were involved though you would have gone to meetings about turning an O Level and a CSE into a bright shiny GCSE.

Why this is relevant today is because of the decision that ALL students must get a C or above in Maths and English. It’s worth recalling what this means in ‘old’ money.

The O Level was not taken by everyone. What we have now is a system that says every student must get the equivalent to an O Level grade by getting a C or above.

Can you spot the problem?

There is a shortage of Maths teachers. Well if you have them teaching students for their second, third, who knows what re-take forever and a day it’s no wonder!!

But hey, what would sad old farts like us know?

GCSE and O Levels to CSEs

A Document Available At The Time Of The Change

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