The Nasty Party Continue Their March Towards Total Domination

The humanitarian move to require councils in England to identify whether they have capacity to house unaccompanied child refugees has been rejected by 287 very spiteful MPs.

Heidi Allen MP said ministers had not consulted properly with local authorities when opting to close the Dubs resettlement scheme this month.

But there were enough spiteful Nasty Party MPs to vote against her amendment by 287 votes to 267.

Two Tory MPs joined Allen to show they do have a heart and voted in favour of the amendment: Tania Mathias and Nicky Morgan. They were joined by 195 Labour MPs, 47 SNP, and nine Liberal Democrats, among others.

A total of 282 heartless, soulless, Tory MPs voted against. The Nasty Party is here.


The Leader Appears To Have A New Pair Of Jackboots

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