Unelected As Leader, Tess May-Day Accuses Nicola Sturgeon Of Playing A “Game”

If either of them is ‘playing a game’ it is Tess May-Day who is crapping herself at the suggestion she should go for a snap election! Playing a game? She’s looking to play the country for another three years, the cheeky cow!

The most amazing thing is May-Day claims she knows what the people of Scotland want. May-Day doesn’t have a bloody clue what the people living 40 miles from Downing Street think so any idea beyond that is pure bolllox! Knowing bollox about a topic is something she is getting known for.

Dislike and now refusal to accept any level of democracy is creeping day-by-day. She doesn’t think she should seek any confirmation of taking over at No. 10. She doesn’t think she should have to explain herself when she breaks not one but two promises made in the Tory Manifesto that all the candidates stood behind.

On top of all that she certainly doesn’t think that anyone one, least of all the people, should have any say in what she and her three appointed idiots, Boorish, Davis and Dodgy-Fox, manage to cobble together for the country over Brexit. These are the thoughts and actions of a dictator. Check your history.

Oh yes, the Nasty Party is alive and, sadly, very much alive.


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