Tory MP Interviewed ‘Under Caution’ Over Election Expenses

Looks like Michael Crick is finally being taken seriously. Craig Mackinlay, the Tory who beat Nigel Fromage in South Thanet, is being investigated by the police over allegations of overspending in the General Election in 2015. This is all part of the #ToryElectionFraud twitter campaign.

Now 17 police forces all across the country have been looking at the suggestion that some Tory MPs’ agents allocated election costs to a national ‘Battle Bus’ when they should have been allocated to local constituency expenses.

Tory Karl McCartney is also being investigated about what went on in his bid for Lincoln. He seems to be suggesting that Tory Office is trying to distance themselves from this rather unfortunate allegation! He has told party chairman McLoughlin that MPs felt “completely cast adrift” and had been “left to fend for themselves”.

To be fair to the Tories, they have come up with the perfect “Yes, Prime Minister” response that their total failure to declare £38,000 of expenses is simply due to an “administrative error”. Brilliant!

a tory election bus fraud

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