Tory Chaos – Mostly Ignored By The BBC

Let’s just check where we are because if we are not careful it will all get away from us!

So at present 12 police forces have handed files over to the Crown Prosecution Service with regard to charges over the General Election expenses of the Tory party. This is the election that put Dodgy-Dave into Number 10 from where he called for a referendum on Europe. The big question is – was he legally in a position to make that call?

David ‘Shit-For-Brains’ Davis is forced to admit that he and the rest of the government have made no economic assessment of what might happen if the UK crashes out of an EU deal. The best the idiot could come up with was: “I may be able to do so in about a year’s time.” We couldn’t make stuff like this up!

Then that limp dick, old Flaccid-Phil Hammond, had to slither his way to the Commons because he had finally realised he had dropped a huge bollock by ignoring the Tory Manifesto. So his plans for National Insurance have all had to be thrown in the bin after less than a week. Somehow the useless git still has a job!! May-Day just surrounds herself with idiots and halfwits. Is it her way of feeling important?

While all this shite has been falling around our ears the useless politicians, who may or may not be there legally, have found time to approve a refurbishment of Buckingham Palace to the tune of £369 million! They are all bloody useless!


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