A Few Of The Posts Giddy Osborne Has Failed At

It all seems to have started when he struggled at folding towels in Selfridges. Not a good start.

He then failed to gain a place on The Times Trainee Scheme – somewhere he would fail again later!

Around the same time he was also rejected at an interview at The Economist.

He then turned to politics where he campaigned for John Major who then suffered the Tories heaviest election defeat.

He decided to try The Times again and was again rejected.

Turning back to politics he found himself as the 3rd choice as Shadow Chancellor for Michael Howard after Bill Hague and Dodgy Cameron. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

Having got the seat of Tatton, after Martin Bell stood down, he was forced to explain his expenses that involved a new mortgage of £455,000 and he had to pay back money he had claimed for. Not a good omen for someone about to be trusted with the nations finances.

The first thing he achieved as Chancellor of the Exchequer was that he lost our ‘Triple A’ credit rating.

He had a stab at setting targets yet failed to bring down the deficit in the time frame he had announced.

He had a go at reducing the debt but actually managed to increase its speed of growth!

Tess May then sacked him in July 2016

Now he’s looking to fail as a newspaper editor – it shouldn’t take long!!


Will Giddy Finally Get Ahead?

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