England Are The RBS Six Nations Champions

We’ve felt the need to emphasise this simply because a frightening number of so-called sports journalists have shown just how thick they are by not realising this fact.

Ireland were magnificent today. They all knew what they were supposed to do and they all did their jobs to the maximum. England played well but didn’t quite have that ‘edge’ that we have seen in earlier matches.

We don’t think for one minute that they underestimated the Ireland team, don’t be daft, but they just couldn’t quite lift themselves that extra few notches that were needed to beat Ireland in Ireland.

Don’t forget that had England scored a try in the last few moments they would not only have won the Six Nations but, in addition, would also have claimed the Grand Slam. It was only 13 – 9.

With regard to the France / Wales game we have only one comment. The whole of Wales should be thanking Wayne Barnes for giving them a chance to get the ball away and not, as would have happened in an Aviva League match, just given France a Penalty Try under the posts.

Rugby Union Eng Champions 2017

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