Dept. Of Education Continue To Stick Their Heads In The Sand As Recruitments Drop Again

They send their children, well those who’ve got them, to Private School so this isn’t going to worry a bunch of tory cabinet members. Latest figures show that there has been a 7% drop in acceptances on to teacher training courses for this year. Head teachers’ leaders have tried to explain to Greening that this will make teacher recruitment much harder.

All the Dept. can bleat is that, “Baa, baa, there are more teachers than ever before, baa, baa!” What they NEVER mention is that there are MORE PUPILS THAN EVER BEFORE so it is bloody obvious you need more teachers just to stand still!! Does the Dept. for Education only appoint ministers with shit for brains?

Not only are they NOT addressing the recruitment crisis, neither are they even mentioning the retention crisis. Because of the number who jack it in early in their careers they need to recruit 30,000 teachers each and every year! The government targets for teacher recruitment in England have been missed for five consecutive years.

The result is disruption for our children. Schools are left with few options as Malcolm Trobe of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “There are severe teacher shortages in schools across the country, particularly in maths and science.

“Schools have to rely upon supply staff and non-specialists to teach many classes.”

Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said the figures were deeply worrying, but hardly surprising. She pointed to what she said was the government’s continued failure to address the issues that make teaching less attractive as a profession.

Lib Dem education spokesman John Pugh said the recruitment crisis was of the government’s making.

“Half-baked schemes to desperately lure people into teaching do not and cannot compensate for the demoralisation of existing staff.

“An unprecedented number of teachers are exiting the profession unable to withstand bureaucratic overload and constant insults to their professionalism from meddling ministers.”

Given her family situation it is very hard to believe that Tess May-Day has the education of children very high on her list.

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