So Exactly Why Was Boorish Johnson With Dodgy Dave In New York On Thursday Evening?

Eyes were on Trafalgar Square last night as thousands gathered to remember the victims of the Westminster terror attack. There were people there from around the world, much like the victims of the attack. The world’s media also turned up to respectfully report what the response of Londoners was to the horror.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd was there as was the London Mayor Sadiq Khan to witness the minute’s silence and the lighting of candles.

Two people who were NOT there were the ex-Mayor of London, and now Foreign Secretary, Boorish Johnson and the ex-Prime Minister Dodgy Dave Cameron. They appear to have been having a Lad’s Night Out at the Red Rooster restaurant in New York.

Seems neither of them thought their duty was to be in London at this time and it seems they simply continued with the plans they appear to have already made.

Andrew Dismore, a member of the London Assembly who was at last night’s vigil in Trafalgar Square, said: “It would seem to me to be in rather poor taste when London is coming together. Why was Boris in New York and not here?

“He should have shown greater sensitivity. Especially as he is Foreign Secretary and considering the number of different nationalities who were caught up in the attack. One man who died was American and his wife was seriously injured.”

Let’s be honest though, tastetact and diplomacy are not skills you would ever attach to the likes of Boorish, or Dodgy come to that.

trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square

new york 3

New York

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