Tess May-Day Is About To Sell The UK Because 17M Thought It Might Be A Good Idea

All we have between us and destitution are three utter failures. May-Day appointed 3 failed politicians to save us and protect us from the tsunami that leaving the EU will bring.

She gave the job to Davis, Johnson and Dodgy-Fox. Three MPs whose assessment of their own ability has been proved to be way off the mark time and time again. Three idiots who were so far up their arses that they thought they could be Prime Minister or, at the very least, leader of the Nasty Party.

Now let’s by clear here. Aspiring to be leader of the Nasty Party is setting the bar pretty damn low and yet all three failed, miserably!

These 3 have been thrown to the wolves, we mean, the negotiators with world-wide experience. They will be eaten alive.

The Tory Press will spin and lie and bullshit to the nth degree to cover-up their failings but the man in the street will eventually catch all the cak. Full in the face – while that bunch of losers run off into the sunset with a gold-plated pension and a hand-full of special deals the likes of us can only dream about.


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