Have We Been Sold Down The River?

Basically 17m have been able to totally ignore the wishes of 16m people. Not too sure that was the original idea behind democracy. One vote, one way or the other, means you totally disregard the wishes of nearly half the population? No, that’s as close to a dictatorship as you can get.

Of course the really odd thing is Tess May-Day was all for staying IN during the referendum. Still, as we have learnt, she’ll jump on any horse that is galloping past if she thinks it might win the race. Some would call her a cheap opportunist.

Theresa May.jpg.gallery

Now it will be wonderful if this isolationist policy works. We will all benefit. However, this very colonial idea that the world owes us a living may just be a tad outdated. Perhaps we should all start wearing pith helmets – just to get in the mood.

So then, at TheField Towers we hope it all works out but we can’t help feeling we are off down the river, heading for the rapids and not a single paddle between us.


May-Day Signs Away What Is Left After The Tories Have Sold Most Of  It Already

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