Ivanka Dump Looks To Take One At The White House

Ivanka is now joining the Family Swamp at the White House as more and more Dump family members look to run America. Seems the federal anti-nepotism laws don’t apply to Donny and only a few seem to have the balls to oppose him.

Quite what role she will really have is still a little shrouded in mystery but, needless to say, she will get her own office. We can also assume that the office will not run itself so there are likely to be a few staff members attached to her. She has been given the title of assistant to the president. A right slap in the face for all those career politicians!

Obviously this will mean she will also receive government-issued security clearance and communications devices. We would imagine that in her case it will have to be a gold, diamond encrusted iPhone.

Norman L. Eisen and Richard W. Painter, White House ethics lawyers, smell a rat here. “This arrangement appears designed to allow Ms. Trump (sic) to avoid the ethics, conflict-of-interest and other rules that apply to White House employees.” She is, in real terms, a federal employee and as such a staff member.

Ivanka tried to explain, “I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules, and I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House Office.”

Well if, at the very least, free food and free drink at the White House can be considered ‘unpaid’ then good luck to you. Hard to believe a few accounts might not get just a little ‘creative’ to help support her in her unpaid work. “How much did she claim for this month??!!??”

Don’t you just love the way she refers to Daddy as ‘the president’ – nice touch.

The real handy thing is that she’ll be able to pop-in and see her husband anytime she likes. He’s Jared Kusher, senior adviser, and his office is only on the floor below hers. Cosy.

To Be Fair Father And Daughter Have Always Been Very Close

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