We Can Reveal The REAL Reason Tess May-Day Has Gone To Saudi Arabia

She is keen to ask them about their Human Rights Policy and wants to ask them how they have got away with ignoring it for so long. She is obviously worried that if the shit hits the fan over Brexit, that she was never in favour of, how will she control the plebs? Seems she has one solution already.

tess may with his sword

There have also been concerns expressed about the incompetent trio of DD, Boorish and Dodgy-Fox she has selected to negotiate a deal with the rest of Europe. We can understand that she might be worried the 3-chancers might be out to line their own pockets; well Dodgy-Fox does have form!

She must also be worried that the 3-Buffoons will piss the rest of Europe off so much that they tell us to stick any deal up our arse! Looks like the Saudi officials have given her a few weapons she can wield in order to get her own way!


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